Our Story

We are a contemporary fine art gallery providing exhibition space and a commercial platform for local, young and upcoming artists practicing in various disciplines, all with their distinctive unique styles.

Bruise Gallery was established by Hanja Badenhorst, a Visual Arts Cum Laude graduate from the University of South Africa (UNISA).  While working in her first profession as a medical doctor in rural South Africa, she has created a diverse body of artwork throughout her career.  Her work is influenced by her daily exposure to the frailty and transience of life, and she finds herself occupied with the vulnerability and fragility of the human condition.

With the onset of the Covid Pandemic, she found herself on the receiving end of the illness which posed several health challenges for her personally.  Being no longer able to practice medicine full-time, she felt driven to establish a commercial exhibition space for local artists.  Bruise Gallery was born.  The gallery was opened on 1 September 2022 showcasing other local artists’ work as well as some of her own works.

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 BLOOMING MARVELLOUS is running from7 Sept to 17 Nov

            Follow this link to view our WhatsApp catalogue: https://wa.me/c/27663702479


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